Today, Yesterday, and Tomorrow

Today has kicked my ass a little.

Yesterday my husband did a dramatic reenactment of The Battle Hymn of the Republic using jazz hands.

Tomorrow will not be today.

Today I wore a purple scarf with bicycles on it. It makes me smile.

Yesterday my middle child washed empty shot gun shells in the bathtub for an art project.

Tomorrow is Wednesday and I have always been fond of Wednesday.

Today Saidee woke up and got dressed with little arguing.

Yesterday Trey and I slept with a heater on me and a fan on him. I am convinced we can create a thunderstorm if we keep that up.

Tomorrow I will remember to pack a lunch for work.

Today I blinded myself with my cell phone at four in the morning and fought the urge to wake Carvell to discuss my obviously damaged cornea.

Yesterday I was able to sleep late.

Tomorrow I will laugh at something that no one else thinks is funny.

When I stop to really think about it. Today isn’t that bad at all.


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