A Conversation with Saidee

The other morning I was wrestling my five year old, Saidee, trying to get her dressed for school, and she decided that it was time to have a little lesson on inclusion. Now, I will admit that I was in no mood for this conversation because we were, as always, running late for school. I really needed her to put on her damn socks, but I stopped and listened and we talked. This is the breakdown of that conversation.

“Momma, Valentine’s Day is Cupid’s birthday.”

“No, Honey, it isn’t. Please put on your socks.”

“Yes it is, Momma.”

“No Saidee, it is not.”


“Fine Saidee, yes it is. Where is the other sock?”

“Momma, Cupid shoots arrows at people’s hearts.

“Yes, he does. Please put on your sock.”

“Sometimes he shoots at their butts too.”

I laugh at the mental picture and smile at her. “I bet he does hit their butts sometimes.”

“Momma, sometimes two girls fall in love.”

“Yes, that is true. Please put on your shoes.”

“And sometimes two boys fall in love.”

“Yes, they do. Where is your jacket?”

“Sometimes a boy may look like a boy on the outside but feel like a girl on the inside. So he may wear a dress.”

I stop and look at my kid with a great deal of awe. “Saidee, you are very smart. Now, where is your backpack?”

“I don’t know. It’s okay to be different, isn’t it Momma?”

“Yes baby, it is okay.”

“Some people are black and some are like Cezar.”

“Yes, Saidee people can love different kinds of people and not everyone has to look like us.”

“Can I watch TV?”

“No! We have to go!”

She made it to school just in time and I was my customary 20 minutes late to work. I feel damn proud to be the mother of the kids I have.



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